All sales are final, courses are NON-REFUNDABLE 

_ If you are on monthly subscriptions, that means that you have 
agreed to our auto-renewal payments every 30 days

– Monthly subscriptions are non-refundable 
but you can unsubscribe/cancel at any time 
by sending an email to 
 or text 407-756-7139

- Cancel request should at least have a 24 hours notice

Dispute video [Very important to watch] 

Disputing a payment without clearly communicating
with us about your situation is an unethical behavior 
and will be reported to the Board of Nursing of 
your state

This above statement is not a "Threat", it is our policy
to those who breach our terms and conditions policy

It is not a "Threat", it is to encourage you to be a 
respectful human, an accountable human, appreciate
Small businesses and most of all, value our nursing 
of ethics and abide by it

If you make a decision to sign up for the program
stick to your decisions to get to your dreams becuase
the only guarantee to not getting to your dreams is
if you QUIT

Do not be a Quitter!

Moe ~ Love you face
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